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The most unlikely person to be saved

Our journey with Emet Ministry started without my knowledge. My mother, Hannetjie Schutze, a reborn Christian and Hatfield member, wrote my name and six other family and friend’s names on a piece of paper and placed it into Emet’s prayer box. Who would have thought that that day would be a turning point in my life and cause a ripple effect that touched my husband Paul, my dad Edward, my cousin Belinda, a friend Melinda, my children Pavlo and Catherine and niece Michelle? All these people have been saved!

The most unlikely person to be saved was my husband Paul. He grew up with strong Greek Orthodox beliefs and in the beginning he was skeptical about the “new” approach to being a Christian. We invited Manfred Nochomowitz to our home to minister to Paul and pray for his salvation.

Since giving his heart to the Lord Paul is a changed man. The most significant change being no outbursts of anger. We were baptized together at Hatfield Christian Church and became members of Hatfield by the end of 2007. Currently we are attending the Alpha course at Hatfield, going to Cell and I am doing the Prophecy course by Anita Giovanni.

My family and I started attending the Emet Messianic services in 2007 and our children, Pavlo and Catherine and niece Michelle gave their hearts to the Lord at an Emet Ministry Messianic service in January. With God’s intervention our children were blessed by being accepted into Hatfield Christian School in January 2008, after being on a waiting list for two years.

Even now as I write this letter I can’t but help but feel so fortunate to be part of Emet Ministry…you see my 9 year old daughter Catherine fell two days ago and broke her arm. She needed surgery to have three pins inserted above her elbow. As a parent it is heart breaking to see your child suffer in pain and feel utterly helpless. One of the first phone calls I received was from Manfred and Isit, they prayed over the phone for Catherine for healing and full restoration of her arm and for courage for Paul and I to cope during this difficult time.

Our lives have changed for the better over the last year and God has blessed us over and above our limited expectations. Today at work Paul told a client about his awesome weekend at Angus Bucham’s Mighty Men conference and ministered to his troubled client. Paul then proceeded to lead him in a prayer of salvation. “The most unlikely person to be saved” was touched by the Lord, what an amazing event that started with a letter with our names written on it and placed in the Emet Ministry prayer box!

God bless
Elaine Andrianatos

Diagnosed with Emphysema

To be diagnosed with Emphysema, a stomach hernia and possible stomach cancer all in one doctors appointment was shocking to say the least. After numerous blood tests, chest X-rays and a scope the doctor started me on treatment for my stomach hernia. I was told to come back in a month when an operation would be scheduled to remove scar tissue in my stomach. The shortness of breath and chest pains from the Emphysema was something I needed to come to terms with. I had been a heavy smoker for 25 years and now I was paying for it.

I've been a reborn Christian for two years now and became involved with Emet Ministries about the same time. The first time I met Manfred, he came to our home and an Elvis song was playing in the background. We had two things in common. The first was Elvis and the second, we had an Orthodox background, him being Jewish and me being Greek. A year ago my kids give their hearts to the Lord at an Emet Shabbat Service. Manfred and Isit became good friends of ours, true friends.

Coming back to my shocking doctors appointment all I could be thankful for was that I knew the Lord would be with me. My wife and I had to wait a couple of nervous weeks for the final test results. In the mean time we asked Manfred and Isit for prayer support. At the Shabbat service the congregation layed hands on me and prayed for healing. Manfred adamantly told us that the Lord was going to use this event to show His great glory. That was easy to believe but the doctors diagnoses and prognosis of having a hernia operation and removal of possible cancer cells in my stomach was lingering in our minds.

After taking medication for a month my first scope indicated NO stomach CANCER! Praise the Lord only He could take the honour for my healing. Some time later I had to undergo a minor operation and when the Anesthetist came to my bed I promptly informed him of my Emphysema.

He listened to my lungs but made no comment. After the operation he told me I don't have

Emphysema, my lungs were clear! Well what about the X-rays that clearly show I have Emphysema? My latest X-rays clearly show no Emphysema. The only explanation is that the Lord is gracious and compassionate, He healed me and showed His great glory through a miracle. All I can humbly say is: "thank you Father!" - Paul Andrianatos


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Perhaps you have never drawn close to Yeshua. Maybe you have never committed your life to Him?
Why not take this opportunity to pray the following prayer of salvation?

Thank you Yeshua for Your love for me.
Thank you for giving up Your life on the cross for me and for taking my sins upon Yourself.
I confess that I have sinned.
I repent of my sins and
I turn from everything I know to be wrong.
I invite You to come into my heart and live in me.
By Your grace I will serve You
all the remaining years of my life.



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